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June Holiday Camp

Show jumping show 20 May

Reliability Trials 2018.04.16

Random Photos

Camp 2017

Family photo with Melanie, Edrich, Eleanore and Vic

Fancy dress completion 15 Oktober

Trophy winners

Show jumping show 15 October

Grey water bath time

Janine van Kinderen having a Lippizaners lung lesson

Yard Photos (Aug 2017)

Selfie Competition

Dressage Show – 28 May 2017

Showjumping Show – 26 March 2017

Random Photos

Yard Photos

December Camp 2016

Panoramic Yard Photo’s

Yard Photo’s

23rd October Show 2016

Dentist Visit 2016

June Camp 2016

Yard Photo’s

Yard Photo’s

Fun on Valentines Day 2016

Photos by: Crave Photography

Ameera’s Foal Born on the 22nd of December 2015

Show Jumping Show 8 November 2015

Yard Photos


December Holiday Camp

Camelot’s proud SANESSA team for 2014

July Holiday Camp

Camelot Show 6 April 2014

April 2014

Sarah Gray one of our little league riders having fun on Angus.

Leteia and Marlene having fun grooming Mozart

Congrats to the SANESA Riders who competed in George:
Michelle Jordaan, Carla Engelbrecht, Chandini Moneron, Marisa de Preez, Danelle van Straten & Michaela Fair.


CAMELOT JUMPING SHOW (15 September 2012)

CAMELOT DRESSAGE SHOW (9 September 2012)

Camelot Dressage show

Photos taken at the Dressage Show held at Camelot on the 9 September 2012.

Hallo guys 😀 The photos of the Dressage Show is up, Jumping photos are coming soon. Dressage and Jumping photos are on Camelot’s facebook Group aswell. If you want to order some photos, you can send me a e-mail on I will also post a order sheet 🙂 Just send me the rider’s name, class and photo number. Also remember the amount of photos and size.

A6 photos = R35.00 and A5 = R55.00

JPEG= R40.00

Camelot order form

SANESA Qualifier 1 (CHPC 18 March 2012)